It is nice and friendly at The Pixel Doll with a great deal of creative materials. If you need something specific you can most likely find it there. The site has been around for a long time and there is little likelihood that it will just up and close on you. The owner is a sweet heart who will not hard line you or just cancel you without a word. You can tell the lines and tubes were made by
someone who cared.
Gryphongrl of Friendly Tags


If you search adorable lines, tubes and goodies The Pixel Doll is the right place. Kelly is a very talented artist and a wonderful person. Thank you so much sweetie to share with us all your cuties.
Kay http://site.voila.fr/kay


"I've been a member of The Pixel Doll since 2003 when it was still called Pretty Pixels By U and just as soon as I could, I immediately bought a lifetime membership!  I adore Kellie's tubes and lines!  I most especially love her techniques of shading and who can resist her beautiful and MOST original dolls?  Between her and Chelle (of Snowdrop Design), and who by the way are sister sites, it's hard to resist any of their wonderful creations. 

Marilyn ~ Owner of Scrub's Scribblings